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Caitie Corradino
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach,
Full Soul Nutrition
Nutrition, wellness, eating disorder recovery, holistic healing
I am here to help you ditch dieting, release restrictions, shed body shame, and discover the unique nutrition and self-care habits that work for YOU – so that you can feel energized and show up FULLy for what matters most.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I am absolutely obsessed with morning routines and rituals. The morning is such a beautiful and sacred time and I will never understand what it’s like to not like the morning. I also care deeply about reclaiming the morning routine from diet culture and people who are trying to turn morning routines into something capitalist/expensive and rigid/restrictive. I want to help my clients build the most deliciously nourishing, intuitive morning routine.
Ideal client: I enjoy working with young professionals and high-achieving women who are stuck in rigidity, yo-yo dieting, or “wellness overwhelm,” who have a desire to feel energized and nourished, but want to pursue healthy habits without an all-or-nothing “diet.”
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
The community – I can’t believe how many amazing women I’ve been able to connect with through SDS and how truly supportive, welcoming, and encouraging ALL of them are.
Amy Christman
Founder of The Fierce Collective and Coach,
The Fierce Collective
Coaching Industry
I help empathic health and fitness practitioners who serve others wholeheartedly create a well-boundaried life and business that they are proud of without burning out.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I am a huge bookworm and will read 2, sometimes 3 books a month.
Ideal client: I love working with services based entrepreneurs who are fierce in their beliefs and serve others from their heart.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
The community has always been so warm and welcoming! I’ve made some of the best connections and made even more friends.
Elia Wolberger
Personal Chef & Meal Prep Coach,
Feed Your Sister
Food/Cooking/Meal Prep
I help busy people live a more energetic, nutritious & stress-free life all through the power of meal prep! Save money. Less food waste. More time back. After all, meal prep is the new fast food!
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I grew up in the same house that F. Scott Fitzgerald once lived in.
Ideal client: I love working one on one with people who are ready to commit to meal prep. Someone who already is familiar with cooking but wants to learn more!
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
My favorite thing is meeting all the amazing ladies in the network!!
Jackie Zaffarano
Meira Active
E-commerce / Fashion
I founded Meira Active which is a women’s activewear e-commerce business. We invented Smooth Duo® Leggings and Bike Shorts with Built-in Underwear™ to slay panty line issues and save women time so they have more space to shine. We’re working towards building a hub for sharing – sharing stories of women in our community and those who inspire it in addition to making incredible products for women.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: You shouldn’t ask me for driving directions even if I’ve been to the place 1000 times! You will be confused.
Ideal client: People who want to lift others both personally and professionally, like to collaborate not only to grow their own businesses but to see others whom they believe in succeed, and whose values really do translate to their companies and the work they do.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
Connecting with so many driven, inspired, and overall lovely humans whom I would otherwise not have crossed paths with or had the chance to learn from.
Aleya Harris
Founder and CEO of Flourish Marketing,
Flourish Marketing
At Flourish Marketing, we help our empire-building clients stand out from the crowd through radically authentic messaging strategy and copywriting that transform them from leaders to legends.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I am an astrology aficionado in the budding stages. I still have a lot to learn, but I am fascinated by the entire field.
Ideal client: We love working with BIPOC women, but also love all female business owners.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
Building connections with like-minded people.
Lexie Smith
Co-Founder, Founder, Business & PR Coach,
Ready Set Coach and THEPRBAR inc.
Coaching and Public Relations
I help coaches build profitable coaching businesses that support their lifestyle // I help entrepreneurs increase their influence, impact, and revenue with PR.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I lived in Italy for 6 months studying art and wine…also, I can juggle.
Ideal client: Ambitious and passionate coaches and entrepreneurs with a unique point of view and who are looking to make an impact in and on this world.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
Emily Merrell! And the genuine networking opportunities the events facilitate.
Begum Uz
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
B Hypnotized
Health and wellness
I help people with increasing self esteem, pain relief and overcoming anxiety with clinical hypnosis and EFT tapping.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I wanted to be a fashion stylist when I was a little girl. To this day, styling and creating my designs with fabrics are my biggest hobbies!
Ideal client: Women who are going through significant changes and working on releasing early-life-learned patterns
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
Community, openness
Jackie Kossoff
Marketing Strategist & Facebook Ads Expert,
Jackie Kossoff – Marketing & Design
I help businesses of all sizes generate profit through conversion-driven digital marketing strategies. I’ve generated record profits for a wide-range of clients, from bootstrapped startups to established businesses valued at $800+ million.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I absolutely love medieval history! My favorite time period is the Wars of the Roses (15th-Century England).
Ideal client: I love working with mission-driven businesses in the health & wellness space who are ready to grow their businesses sustainably with Facebook Ads.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
I love building relationships with like-minded, inspiring women from around the country!
Kendra Korkus
Financial Advisor,
Northwestern Mutual
Financial Services
I help young families and women professionals sufficiently save for their financial future, protect what’s important and efficiently build their wealth with a strategic plan.
One thing you can’t learn about me on Google (until now) is..: I played volleyball in college and recently started playing in a women’s league again in NYC.
Ideal client: I love to work with successful, kind, philanthropic and fun women and couples who understand and value planning for the future.
Favorite thing about Six Degrees Society
Emily! And creating friendships with other women across the US
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