Made for More [Mastermind]

Join the Made for More Mastermind, a curated community of high-achieving women business owners seeking to unlock doors, find their unique foothold in the marketplace*, and amplify their impact through connection and collaboration.

You're made for more, get in the room to unlock those opportunities


Been there done that got the t-shirt… and it’s just not cutting it anymore? You’re not ungrateful… 

You're just made for more and need a group of likeminded, high-achieving women to help you shepherd that expansion to life.

Let’s call a spade a spade here, friend… 

You’re bloody brilliant / you. are. awesome. You’ve created a business that is impacting the lives of so many and it was born from YOU.  

Yet… While you love the value and impact you’ve created, have you ever felt like there was something missing? 

Something more that needed to come to life… but unsure how and when?

It might be adding in a layer of coaching or consulting or creating a new offering– but you aren’t quite sure where to find the through line that fulfills you, supports them, and doesn’t dismantle everything you’ve already built. And you sure as heck don’t know who to ask to help you. 

Put Your Finger Down If

Stuck trying to bring a new idea to life – needing not only a sounding board for all of your ideas, but connections that open doors like a fastpass to success

A desire for a space where you can openly (and safely) discuss your business and life challenges with experienced business owners who have conquered similar hurdles and absolutely GET IT

Exhausted by being the voice of reason for everyone else, but lack that voice or person for yourself*

*If you’ve ever said, “I can do it for others, but I struggle to do it for myself. I need a ‘me’ for ‘me’!”... then this is the room for you!

Even More Support 🥂


Monthly 60 min Co-working sessions to do the damn thing(s) with accountability. Plus monthly curated accountability buddies.

Peer Support✨

2x Monthly Hot Seat Sessions to get tailored feedback. Plus 1x group coaching session.

Dedicated HW📚

Dedicated HW to keep you on track of your goals, monthly book club readings and on-going slack access. 

1:1 Coaching 😍

4 x 1:1 coaching sessions with Em to ideate, build and get the refresh you need to fall (back) in love with your business.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg 🤩

Kicking off Summer 2024

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What happens in this room🔓:

Our passion lies in making a difference for ourselves through making a difference for others… Because we believe that when good people make good connections great things happen. 

When you immerse yourself in a network of high-achieving business owners who have tread the path you’re on, who know people you don’t (yet!), and offer resources crucial to your growth, you’ll accelerate your success in ways you never thought possible.


Power of Proximity

Doors and opportunities unlock for you

See Your Ideas Fly

That thing you were obsessed with for 6 months will be figured out in 6 minutes 

Your Board of Advisors

People that get it and are here to share their wisdom to help you achieve it (when your partner, clients, family don’t

Your Inner Circle

Dedicated time to stop making excuses to not do the thing

High Touch Support

From your 1:1 coach and group of peers

Business Growth

Watch your business grow

The Nitty Gritty

Mastermind_Second Degree Society_Emily Merrell
  • In our 80 minute live masterminding sessions each individual will have dedicated time on the hot seat to work through their  problem and to strategize an action plan with the group.
  • 4 x 1:1 60 minute sessions with Emily to create a personalized strategy for your business. VIP coaching upgrades are available
  • Dedicated weekly homework to hold you accountable and keep you on task, and assigned accountability buddies. 
  • Each month we’ll have a monthly 60 minute training and/or Q&A to answer all of. your pressing questions. 
  • Each month we’ll have a monthly 60 minute co-working session dedicated to get through your work. 
second degree Society

The Community Access:

Meet Your Coach, Emily Merrell

Hey, I’m Emily and I’ve been building a community and playing the name game since before I could remember. I’m a two time founder and  have grown and scaled a global networking community called Second Degree Society making thousands of connections and partnering with incredible brands like LUNA Bar, Native, The Honey Pot Co, Selfmade and more. I’ve been recognized by Forbes, Create & Cultivate, Brit + Co, Girl Boss, Huffington Post and others. 

Emily Merrell_Second Degree Society

The Investment


9 monthly payments
  • 4 x 1:1 Coaching
  • 2 x Monthly Hot Seats
  • 1 x Monthly Co-working
  • 1 x Monthly Group Coaching
  • 6 Month SDS Membership
Most Popular


Pay in full
  • 4 x 1:1 Coaching
  • 2 x Monthly Hot Seats
  • 1 x Monthly Co-working
  • 1 x Monthly Group Coaching
  • 6 Month SDS Membership
$500 savings

VIP Coaching With Emily Upgrade Options:

3 x 1:1 60 min calls- $1400

5 x 1:1 60 min calls- $2000

What Past Clients Are Saying

“Emily creates a welcoming and supportive environment for each Mastermind meeting. She has curated a space where entrepreneurs can feel safe, supported and encouraged to share both their wins and discuss their struggles, helping cultivate tangible solutions.”

Ava Ghiotti
Founder of Merchants of Beauty Inc.

“Emily has changed the course of my business, and my social life. With her support, and connections, I now have collaboration opportunities, I now have collaboration opportunities and a success group coaching program that I can run alongside my full-time job. “

Celeste Harrington
Life and Mindset coach, Fitness Program Manager

“I joined the Mastermind group and can truly say that it was one of the most motivating experiences. I learned so many new ways to up-level my business, got clear on my strategy, and formed beautiful connections with the other business owners in the group. Truly recommend taking the leap, you will love every minute of it!”

Victoria Amiya
Intimacy coach


All of the sessions will be recorded and accessible to watch after the fact.

We kick off the week of Summer 2024

Each participant will have the opportunity to be the focus on the mastermind and other members will provide feedback and brainstorming for their specific challenge.

If you’re craving community, consistency and accountability look no further.  Know that you’ll be in a place where you’ll learn and grow with like minded humans.

Launching Summer 2024 

Exact dates will be decided by the group

*Schedule subject to change

Power of Proximity

Doors and opportunities unlock for you

six degrees society

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