January 2, 2020

Lady Boss For The 20-Somethings: Meet Abigail Gibbons, Founder of The AG Collective

By Emily Merrell

As a 20-something in NYC, everything feels like a grind: from working out to finding friends to navigating a career. Enter Abigail Gibbons and The AG Collective. Her platform pushes ideas and thoughts beyond the status quo, challenging you to think beyond the desk job and life post-college. Find out more below! 

SDS: What is the AG Collective and what does it stand for? 

ABIGAIL GIBBONS: The AG Collective is a community building platform – hosted through networking and event series – that advances equality in and out of the workplace.

SDS: Your events tackle important themes from career to more playful themes like “Cannabis 101”. How do you come up with your programming? 

Abigail Gibbons founder of The AG Collective. Courtesy of Constance-@constanceirena-on-IG

AG: Honestly, networking and learning through others. I am always conducting my own “market research” by talking with the communities around me. My friends and family will tell you, no dinner or get together is complete without me bringing up my next best idea or event. Bouncing ideas off of my network and collaborating with other experts (alongside just being aware of what my audience wants) is how I create my programming. 

SDS: Growing up as an athlete you’ve seen athletes struggle from their competitive ways to full-time careers. Do you have any tips for athletes graduating college and entering the job force? 

AG: I am still learning this myself, and it has been about four years since I last competed officially. My tips would just be to embrace the change and go easy on yourself. My biggest learning curve was accepting my body after competition. Of course I was going to gain weight, I went from swimming around 30 hours a week to sitting behind a desk most of the week. Know that it is natural, and expand your way of thinking about health. It is not just putting in countless competitive hours at the gym. Find a run club, new yoga class or even practice meditation as ways to stay healthy and find a new community of athlete or health minded professionals. This is something I am personally passionate about – I  want to create community and educate on it! #Staytuned. 

SDS:  As a 20-something, what do you wish you had learned in college before entering the job hunt? 

AG: Take in and embrace every single experience you have, but also don’t be afraid to turn down an offer that does not feel like the right fit. Take risks – now is the time to do it! Travel, do something non-traditional, explore to the point of exhaustion all the endless opportunities, interests or passions you have. I believe that is what will guide you to find greater professional fulfillment. 

SDS: Lastly, how can we learn more about upcoming events with The AG Collective? 

AG: Great question! On our instagram (@ag.collective) we are always promoting our next event and hosting IG lives with speakers. You can also check back to our events section on our website

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