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How To Start Over and Dive into Entrepreneurship with Lara Schmoisman from The Darl

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Becoming an entrepreneur is a unique journey which is always different depending on the person. Today’s guest definitely has an inspiring story to tell! Lara Schmoisman is the CEO and founder of The Darl, a boutique marketing agency. She’s also a marketing coach and podcaster. Though nowadays she wears a lot of hats and has a thriving marketing business, life was not always so pretty for her. Everything that she has today is because of hard work and a determination to grow into the person she is today: an entrepreneur who absolutely loves what she does.


  • Lara describes how she emigrated from Argentina to the United States and how she had to build up a new life all by herself.
  • Although Lara worked a lot of years for the entertainment industry, at one point she realized she could not do that anymore and decided to switch gears: she started working for the online industry and she fell in love with it.
  • Lara Schmoisman used to use her skills in online marketing and PR to help her closest friends, but then that evolved into getting a lot of referrals which started getting her business growing.
  • After 7 months of working all by herself, she decided to hire her first assistant and now, two and a half years later, she has her own marketing agency called The Darl which is made up of more than 40 people all around the world. 
  • Strong logistics, a lot of teamwork, and a strong work culture is what makes any team function effectively. 
  • She talks about the importance of understanding that PR falls under the umbrella of marketing: they do not lie in completely different fields
  • Lara explains some of the most common mistakes she sees in marketing and how to prevent them from happening.

 To learn more about Lara Schmoisman, visit her webpage and follow her on Instagram. 

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