3 Strategies That Made The Biggest Difference To My Business & Profits


By Nicole Liloia “Hard” is the one word almost everyone uses to describe business. At first, it seems impossible to sustain a business that’s all your own.  I’m a business strategist who helps women entrepreneurs build bigger businesses and create consistent income growth. I love helping them create multiple income streams that allow them the … Read more

The Sustainable Bay Area Brand & Events Photographer: Meet Praise Santos, Founder of ComePlum


By Emily Merrell  Praise Santos, a magical name for a magical human. Praise is one of those individuals that you meet and fall in love with easily. As a photographer, she has a way of nailing all of your best angles. In addition to photography, she’s passionate about sustainability and helping vendors add a lens … Read more

It’s In The Stars: Meet Katie Sweetman, The Astrology Queen


By Emily Merrell Since I was a little girl, I’ve been intrigued by astrology. Is my sign compatible with the kid I have a crush on? How much of me is my sign? What does Mercury in retrograde really mean? Yet with all the questions, I only had some books and the internet to lean … Read more

How Your Boss Can Better Support Your Mental Health

Mental Health

By Hailey Parks Mental health doesn’t only affect people on an individual basis – it can affect your entire workplace. Nearly 1 in every 5 Americans battles a mental health condition at some point in time, making it likely that most businesses encounter mental illness on a daily basis – whether they know it or … Read more

Renter’s Insurance That Makes Sense: Meet Chris Lotz, Co-Founder of Goodcover


By Emily Merrell Have you ever googled “What renter’s insurance should I buy?” and felt overwhelmed on where to even begin? If you don’t have renter’s insurance, keep reading and get ready to purchase ASAP. After suffering a terrible apartment fire in 2019, I’ve been a huge advocate for those who don’t yet have coverage … Read more

The Matchmaking (Not Dating!) App: Meet Emily Smith, Founder of Chorus


By Emily Merrell I’ve always wanted to do the swiping for my friends on apps. It’s much more fun thinking of potential reasons why my best friend needs to meet this guy versus doing the swiping for yourself. Enter Chorus, an app that lets you make matches for your friends. Learn more below on why … Read more

We Found A Protein Bar That Tastes Good: Meet Dr. Adrienne Youdim, Internist and Founder of Dehl Nutrition


By Emily Merrell Dr. Adrienne Youdim walked into a LA event we hosted and immediately I thought, “I want to be this woman.” She was dressed in such a chic way, her hair and makeup was immaculate and her demeanor was warm and inviting. As luck would have it, I was matched with her! I … Read more

Everything You Need To Know When Planning A Bachelorette


By Neela Asaadi In my line of work, the wedding industry, I have the pleasure of getting to know all sorts of brides. All of the creative details from the “Yes” to the “I do” are moments we get to visualize and plan out together.  While the wedding is the final milestone, other events such … Read more

The Mystic Healer: Meet Christine Lu Singh of High Impact Healing


By Emily Merrell Christine is someone that has been exploring her spiritual side over the last few years. Yet in the past few years she’s taken her love of spirituality to the next level becoming certified in breathwork training, delving deeper into understanding crystals and founding High Impact Healing with other healers. This SF based … Read more

Does Yoga Solve Just About Any Issue?


By Marko Jovanovic Chances are that you’ve already heard plenty of great things about doing yoga: it’s relaxing, it can help you reach your fitness goals, etc. Just look at how many celebrities who claim it’s what gives them the energy they need each day! However, people are increasingly starting to claim that yoga can … Read more

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