The SECOND Degree

The Second Degree Podcast is an interview style podcast for business professionals hosted by Second Degree Society Founder and Business Coach Emily Merrell filled with inspiring stories, actionable advice that allows you to learn from expert business leaders, founders to keep you inspired. 

Join Emily Merrell in a candid conversation with Tanessa Shears, diving into the challenges and triumphs of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. From managing two kids under three to optimizing sleep for peak performance, discover practical insights to reclaiming time, nurturing well-being, and redefining success on The Second Degree Society podcast
Join Emily Merrell and Holly Haynes in this insightful podcast episode as they discuss the power of podcasting, scaling businesses, and creating simple yet effective strategies for growth. From Holly's journey of being on over 300 podcast shows to her innovative approach to launching and scaling businesses, this conversation is packed with actionable insights and inspiration. Tune in for valuable tips on finding your niche, crafting a signature method, and navigating the dynamics of working with your partner in business. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode offers invaluable wisdom for anyone looking to crush the rush and build a successful business on their own terms.
Join Emily Merrell on The Second Degree Podcast as she explores the world of executive functioning with Corie Wightlin. Discover how executive dysfunction impacts daily life and learn practical strategies for overcoming challenges associated with neurodiversity. Gain valuable insights into personalized coaching approaches and find inspiration for fostering a supportive environment. Tune in for an enlightening conversation on navigating life's complexities with empathy and empowerment.
Dive into insightful conversations on career transitions, leadership, and personal growth with host Emily Merrell on the Second Degree Podcast. Join Emily and her guests, like leadership and career coach Annette Blum Pearson, as she shares wisdom, practical advice, and inspiring stories to help you thrive in today's dynamic world
Discover the heartfelt podcast conversation between Emily Merrell and Jodi Klaristenfeld as they navigate the unexpected intersections of their lives and delve into Jodi's creation of Flrrish, a platform supporting NICU families. Explore Jodi's personal journey of giving birth prematurely and find invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of NICU parenthood. Gain inspiration from their discussion on resilience, peer support, and growth in the face of adversity.
Join Emily Merrell and filmmaker Diana Lanham as they discuss Diana's journey from screenwriting to directing, revealing the transformative power of failure and resilience in pursuing creative dreams. Tune in for inspiring insights and encouragement for your own creative journey.
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