Evacuations, Love & Weddings, Oh MY


By Emily Merrell¬† When I was little, I never imagined a big fancy wedding. Yet when I met Greg Hill, I knew I wanted a wedding. When looking for wedding venues, we knew it had to be in California, specifically wine country. Both of us are transplants, and our common denominator was California. The thing … Read more

Oils For Your Face & Body: Meet Alana and Maddie Alper, Founders of Alper Oils


By Emily Merrell The first time someone told me to try oils on my face, I just laughed. As a child with oily skin, putting more oil on seemed pretty counterintuitive. Yet, rather than dismissing the idea entirely, I leaned in and tried it. It started out with chia seed oils, then argan oils and … Read more

4 Steps To Creating Self-Care Habits That Actually Stick


By Kristin DeCou Many of us love the idea of self-care. We focus on it for a few days, renewing our desire to take time for ourselves. Then, before we know it, life gets in the way. Self-care is more than just getting a mani-pedi or booking that single massage. Self-care is about becoming the … Read more

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